Even before Covid, Visibility developed an implementation methodology that can be entirely virtual and executed in 16 weeks. Training, process consulting, testing and data conversion all happen with remote Visibility experts. The end result - a lower cost and quick implementation of a world class ERP solution with minimal interference to your business. 

  • Old School: The days of multi-week on-site consulting engagements are over. We’ve embraced a far more nimble and realistic approach to implementing new business systems that allows your employees to do their day jobs while your business implements a new ERP system. 
  • We Use the Best Practices: Our approach is well proven and repeatable. Rather than evaluate possible options for process improvements, we utilize the documented process flows that come with Visibility ERP.
  • Minimum Viable Product: Cutover to a contemporary solution in a matter of weeks or months by identifying the “minimum viable product” goal for the implementation. By simply attaining that modest objective, your company will be far more efficient and productive. Then, once we achieve that, chart a path for continued improvement by implementing more and more functional depth.
  • It’s Not that HardRely on our approach and our people to chart a course for success. We’ll allocate a small amount of the project time towards keeping on track, thus allowing all of your team members to focus on the goal at hand; implementing a solid foundation for business growth.
  • This is Not Your Father's Implementation: Yes, it was and used to be hard, uncomfortable and unpleasant. Not anymore! We have thrown out the old strategy and have a fresh and modern approach to implementations. With templates, seeded data and by only using senior industry resources, your experience will be superior and far more successful, resulting in less time and cost.

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